Tobacco Retailer Underage Sales Training (TRUST) Program.

The TRUST program wad developed by the Substance Abuse Prevention Program of the Division of Behavioral Health with its partners, the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program, of the Department for Public Health and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. TRUST is free of charge and can be take both online and face-to-face. TRUST includes information that is specific to Kentucky and includes the Food and Drug Administration federal tobacco laws. Having retail employees trained through TRUST could reduce fines to store owners if they were found in violation of federal tobacco laws. 

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Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy

The Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy provides communities with science-based strategies for advancing smoke-free policies and educating the community about the importance of a smoke-free environment.

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Kentucky Alcohol Beverage Control 

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Updated Kentucky Tobacco Statutes