What is secondhand smoke? 

Secondhand smoke is smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar and smoke blown out from the lungs. This smoke has harmful chemicals and there is no risk-free level. Secondhand smoke can cause asthma, ear infections, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome in children. Protect children and other by not smoking around them. Secondhand smoke can also cause heart and lung disease, including lung cancer. Set a good example and keep your home and car smoke-free. For those that do smoke, smoke outside and wear a jacket over your clothing that you can leave outside. Do not smoke in your car. Be supportive of friends of family and friends who are trying to quit smoking and be aware of resources available.

What is thirdhand smoke? 

Thirdhand smoke is smoke residue from nicotine and other chemicals that are left on indoor surfaces. Touching contaminated surfaces exposes individuals to these harmful chemicals posing a potential health hazard. Thirdhand smoke will cling to soft surfaces such as clothes, furniture, carpet, and bedding. Children and those who do not smoke may be at risk for tobacco related health complications when they inhale, swallow, or touch contaminated surfaces. The best way to protect individuals from thirdhand smoke Is to have a smoke-free environment in your home and car.