smokeless tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is harmful, and use can cause health problems that are serious. Smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine addiction, cause cancer, mouth diseases, pregnancy complications and may increase risk for death from heart disease. Smokeless tobacco does contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Youth who use smokeless tobacco are more likely to use cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco users have quit successfully and there are available resources for individuals. Quitting can help prevent harmful health effects, save money, and set a good example for friends and family. Get support from family, friends and a doctor.


Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty is a ready-made tobacco prevention campaign from the Rescue Agency. Down and Dirty targets high risk teens who associate with country values and encourages them to live a tobacco-free life. Country youth are at an increased risk for using tobacco products, especially smokeless tobacco products. This campaign works to shift the social norm in the country peer crowd to discourage the use of dip and smokeless tobacco products.  

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